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April 27, 2016

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Rangoon, Rangoon, Burma
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Mandalar Charm Travels & Tours Co.,Ltd.

Company Registration No. 1821 / 2012-2013

Tour License No . Kha-1776

UMTA ( Union of Myanmar Travel Association ) No. 1473 ( ACTM )

No. 226, Ground Floor, 38th Street, Kyaukdata Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Mandalar Charm Travels & Tour

Transport (Car, Cruise, Train, Flight)

Call us @ 01-242129 , 01- 256672 , 09-504-5819




No 226, 38th Street, Yangon

Company Profile

We have established Mandalar Charm Trading Co.,Ltd. since the year 2000.
The founders are husband and wife, Than Nyunt and Moe Moe San , who had worked at the government offices: Printing and Publishing Enterprise and the Universities’ Central Library for years.

In 2012 , we decided to extend our business : tourism line as we are mad with touring, as we love our country , our culture , our nature , our people , our literature and our politics.

The outcome is Mandalar Charm Travels & Tours Co.,Ltd !

We are arranging all tour related services as follows : –

– hotels
– domestic air tickets
– ground transports
– river cruise
– tour packages
– guides
– Myanmar visa

In addition :

We can arrange :

For traders who have interest in Myanmar market :
– business visa
– making appointment with relevant Myanmar businessmen
– making appointment with relevant Myanmar government officials

For artists who have interest in Myanmar arts :
– visa
– making appointment with Myanmar artists
– visiting galleries , publishing houses and their residence

For nature tourists :
– visa
– arranging remote and distinct areas of beautiful , rough and natural locations
– arranging country’s villages of simple Myanmar and our ethnic groups
– arranging trekkings
– arranging cycling tours
– arranging birds watching tours

For tourists who have interest in meditation :
– visa
– arranging meditation activities at meditation centers

For the visit to the virgin islands of Myeik Islands , southern part of Myanmar,
– permission
– cruise tours
– adventure tours
– diving tours

Please come and visit Myanmar with our best arrangement !
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